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55+ Popular Accessories To Add Your Formal Attire

When you are invited to a formal event, take a good look at your invitation. Does it say black tie? If so, you are going to need a tuxedo and a black tie. However, if the event isn’t specific on the attire, only that it must be formal, you will need to wear a black or dark blue tailored suit.

This second type of formal event may be strict with the majority of your wardrobe, but it does allow for a little wiggle room and the addition of some fantastic accessories to show off your style, tastes, and personality. However, your accessory choices should be the right ones in order to correctly capture the room’s attention. Choose poorly, and you could end up looking like a new employee at his first office party.

Ties are one of the most essential pieces of formal accessories you can wear, but the wrong one can make you set you apart from the crowd like a bad haircut. When adding style and class to your wardrobe, always remember the key is to be subtle. A muted blue, silver, or solid black tie is the safest bet when you are trying to compliment your outfit. Add a spare stripe or subtle pattern and you give your attire just enough personality to stand out from the crowd.

With any suit, a basic leather belt is a must. Don’t use your every-day belt, however. The belt you wear into the office has most likely already showing signs of years of overuse. Invest in a high quality leather belt you can reserve for special occasions where you need to wear your formal attire.

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