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48+ Simple Diy Matte Nail Design For 2019

Shiny nails that are well maintained are probably the benchmark for a nice manicure. Regardless, we need to step out of crème formulas and glossy color changing nail polish to embrace something edgier and darker.

Matte nail polish is on the opposite side of the shimmers and shines we are so used to seeing. Just as the name implies, this polish has no shine to it whatsoever.

Ever since Alexander Wang set the trend in motion back in 201, matte nails have been fashionable and very much in style. You can find it on runways, celebrities and many options are available for the masses as well.

You might find runway trends are very hard and complicated to duplicate but this matte trend is as easy as they come. If you want to have matte nails, it is quite straightforward and easy. This trend is so doable it is unbelievable.

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