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48+ Awesome Floral Wedding Cakes Inspiration Ideas

The newest trend in wedding cakes these days goes back to an old one: flowers. It is not so much fresh blossoms pushing the crystal monograms and baroque themes aside, however. The hottest wedding cakes take a minimalist approach, with flat floral motifs or single large blossoms, rather than three dimensional sugar flowers crafted to closely mimic the real thing. Let this guide be your inspiration to this fun new wedding trend.

Flowers and weddings have gone together since the beginning of time. That is why having flowers as the wedding cake decoration has always been so popular. What makes this latest variation on floral wedding cakes fresh and new is that the floral element is more stylized. These hot new cakes bear little resemblance to the tier and blossom cakes of yore. The current crop of wedding confections take a hip modern approach to flowers, using them as either one oversized blossom or a repeating flat motif.

To use the floral motif idea for your cake, select a type of flower as your inspiration that has good graphic quality. Something that is very obvious even in a flat cutout like a daisy would be ideal. Wrap the design around each tier of the cake in a repeating pattern. A smooth fondant works best for the frosting to allow the motif to be very clean and clear. Make it even more crisp with a laser cut design. Some floral motifs will look beautiful on classic round tiers, while others may be well suited to square tiers for an even more modern style.

The newest floral wedding cakes can be streamlined yet still very girly. Top a tiered wedding cake with one extra large flirty sugar flower perched jauntily atop the confection. A large open blossom will work beautifully for this design, such an an anemone, a peony, or a lush garden rose creation. Position the larger-than-life bloom off to one side of the top tier for a fresh look. Use minimal decorations on the other tiers. A small stenciled swag design would be great to play up the feminine nature of the cake, and would be perfect for a bride who loves romantic lace gowns and pearl earrings. Or go for a more minimalist style with just a pretty ribbon marking the base of each tier. Choose a ribbon color which contrasts with the flower hue for a fun pop of color.

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