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45+ Delicious Edible Fall Wedding Favors

Your wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests for sharing in your special day. There are plenty of wonderful favors that a couple can choose. These are some of the best ideas for favorite fall wedding favors.

Autumn is a great time of year, and there are all sorts of things that evoke the spirit of the season. When you are selecting your wedding favors, it is nice to seek out those with an autumnal flair. They will make an especially nice token for your guests to take home from your wedding.

When it comes to wedding favors, what guests particularly enjoy are edible treats. There are all sorts of tasty fall treats that you can offer. Pick one that fits the general style of your wedding as well as the time of year. For instance, if you are having a fairly casual wedding, with the bride in a simple dress and silver handmade wedding jewelry, you can go with a fun and casual fall favorite, like a big, beautiful candy apple or a caramel dipped apple. Your guests will adore the sticky, nostalgic take-away.

On the other hand, if your wedding is more formal, perhaps an evening affair with the bride in a fancy ballgown and opulent jewelry, then your handmade edible favor should be a bit more upscale. One fantastic option would be a small gold box of handcrafted truffles filled with a pumpkin spice flavored filling. Yum! You could also consider a favor like a small gift basket filled with seasonal beverages, like pumpkin spice latte coffee, apple tea, and cinnamon sticks.

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