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40+ Modern Rustic Sunflower Wedding Theme

A unique and quite beautiful flower is the sunflower; it’s many people’s favorite flower. If it’s yours here are some summer wedding theme ideas for a sunflower wedding; use them or let them help you to come up with your own ideas.

When picking your location, the sunflower theme would be at home in a church, a lovely yard or garden, and even the beach would show off these bright colors most beautifully. Bottom line, they can be used in just about any location.

There are numerous sunflower wedding invitation styles available; you need only to look online to find them. You can even download the designs you want and use them in doing your own wedding invitations.

A sunflower color theme should be bright and bursting with vim and vigor. The dominant color warm and sunny and perhaps throw in a bit of red or brown or green.

Keeping in line with the theme, the wedding flowers for the aisle can be vases of sunflowers. And, not necessarily the yellow flowers as sunflowers come is many shades. There’s a creamy white, a brilliant orange, a peach, and even deep burgundy. Other flowers to mix them with would be Gerber daisies, yellow mums, and chocolate cosmos to name a few.

Have the flower girl scatter very small sunflowers or the petals from larger sunflowers on the aisle you’ll walk down. The ring bearer would look terrific with a small sunflower in his lapel and carrying the rings on a sunflower bedecked wedding ring pillow.

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