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40+ Awesome Outdoor Vineyard Wedding Decorations

A vineyard theme is a wonderful wedding design idea. It is fantastic for a wedding which will take place at an actual vineyard, naturally, but can also be easily adapted to a wedding held in another venue. These are some great ideas on how to create an elegant vineyard theme wedding that no one will ever forget.

Obviously, the ideal location for a vineyard theme wedding would be an actual vineyard. Many regions have small local wineries, even if they are nowhere near famous wine growing regions like Napa Valley in California. You might just be surprised to learn that you have a picturesque vineyard not too far from home. But if you can’t host your reception at a winery, do not despair. You can definitely create a vineyard theme wedding under a tent, in a restaurant, or even at a country club or a hotel.

Decorations are a great way to establish your wedding theme. Create the feeling of a vineyard by using lots of natural elements such as grapevine, flowers, and of course, grapes. Wind grapevine around an arbor and add tiny white lights for a beautiful place to hold an outdoor wedding ceremony. For color, layer in flowers in hues such as terra cotta, deep purple, and burgundy red. Grapevine can also be crafted into a rustic wreath for the doors of the church or reception venue. Weave a beautiful piece of ribbon in between the vine to create an earthy yet elegant wedding decoration.

For the centerpieces at a vineyard wedding, it is natural to want to turn to clusters of grapes. This can work wonderfully, as long as they are real grapes; avoid fake fruit at all costs. Other edible elements blend very nicely with the grapes to create a lush effect, including artichokes and gilded pears. Arrange the decorations down the center of long family style tables over a rough-edged piece of silk dupioni or even burlap for a cool rustic style. Punctuate the low decorations with tall ivory pillar candles, either set on wrought iron candelabras or placed inside lanterns. Pile fresh flowers in rich earthy shades of burgundy, terra cotta, and deep purple at the base of the candles to complete the effect.

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