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38+ Fabulous Eye Makeup To Makes You Look Stunning

You may not be born with perfect eyes, but who is? If your eyes are squinty or too far apart, don’t despair. Certain eye makeup techniques achieve optical illusions.

These eye makeup techniques are simple, requiring only eyeliner and the right shadow. Here are some of the illusions you may want to create and the eye makeup techniques that will let you get them:

1. You want your eyes to look closer together.

Start by sweeping pale eyeshadow over the entire eye area. Next, apply a medium color on the inner half of your eyelid. Create a natural finish by blending outward.

Finally, line the inner corner of the eye until the middle and then blend, still going outwards. If these eye makeup techniques can’t make eyes that are too far apart look closer to each, nothing else can!

2. You want your eyes to look further apart.

The solution to eyes less than an eyes-width apart? The following eye makeup techniques: sweep a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone onto the inner corner of the eyelids. Blend well. Then, sweep a medium-to-dark matte eyeshadow from the middle part to the outer half of the lid. Lastly, line the inner corner of the eye with an eyeliner. Taper the line out and up, going past the eye’s outer corner.

3. You want your eyes to look bigger.

Apply a light shadow over eyelids. Then, shade your lid’s outer corner, as well as the crease, with a darker hue. Using eyeliner, line your outer lower and upper lids.

Be extra careful to taper a bit towards the outside of the eye. Finally, sweep cream or white eyeshadow in the middle of your browbone.

When followed correctly, these eye makeup techniques will surely make your small eyes appear big.

You don’t have to be born with amazing eyes to look amazing. Fake your way to fabulous peepers with eye makeup techniques that are quick and simple to follow.

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