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38+ Cheap Jewel Toned Fall Wedding Ideas

Wedding is not only the day for the bride and the groom – everyone even remotely involved in the ceremony will share a bit of the responsibilities. If you are a close relative or a friend you will probably be asked to do a lot of organization – inviting other guests, hiring photographers and etc. The task of choosing bridesmaid dresses, though, is mostly the task for the bride, as usually it is her who chooses what kind of supportive girlfriends she wants to see on her wedding.

First, just remember the general rules of choosing bridesmaid dresses. Don’t pick or don’t let your bridesmaids pick anything that would upstage you – you are the main heroine, they are just your supportive girlfriends. If you dress in white, don’t let them dress in white (in fact, white color is prohibited for anyone except for the bride). Black color is ok, despite what many people say.

The most important thing, though, is that bridesmaid dresses have to be in matching style and colors. Surely, if you are very creative you can pick dresses of different styles and colors and have them complement each other, but as a general rule you have to choose some general theme of your wedding and only then pick the colors for your bridesmaid dresses.

First, you have to think what season is the wedding going to be held in. The coral/orange is perfect for summer weddings, the periwinkle is perfect for spring theme, for fall it is a good idea to go after deep rose or maybe the coral/orange colors with green accents. For winter going with jewel tones of emerald greens or ruby reds can be a good idea. White dresses surely are always there, but lately people have been going after more ornate colors. Champagne colors are also very popular for spring weddings – if you combine it with orange, black it is going to be even better.

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