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35+ Delicious Savory Fall Wedding Appetizers

The food newlyweds prepare for their guests on their wedding reception can make or break the whole celebration. If the menu is made up of forgettable cooking which tastes like cheap take-out, it will only ruin the feel of the wedding in general.

It is always wise to venture towards something memorable and contemporary. Use the power of imagination. Don’t be afraid to be daring and feature food that tantalizes the guest list’s senses.

1. Comfort Foods

Who says comfort foods can’t be a wedding reception menu? Clearly, anyone loves macaroni and cheese. You can also have pizza with gruyere and cheese. Hamburgers that are mini sirloin and having blue cheese are also comfort food staple. These can be served family style. It sets a festive and relaxed mood at the reception. Why do you think they’re called ‘comfort foods’ in the first place?

2. Have a Theme

Most of the time, it’s the obsessive compulsive kind of individuals who tie everything together. They base their catering menu on the season and theme of the wedding.

For example, you can have apple-maple glazed chicken and a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert when it’s a wedding in fall. You can have lemon grilled salmon with fresh vegetables if it is a summer wedding. You can also have a menu composed of favorite dishes of the family members.

3. Appetizers and Cocktails

Do you want to be different from the usual five course meal? If yes, your wedding will be different from the traditional kind by basing the reception on appetizers and cocktails. This leads to a variety of presentation ideas.

For example, you can serve the drink of your choice at the drink section and serve it with shrimps. Go for the appetizer you wish will be appropriate for you and your significant other. Soon enough, the stimulation of culinary works are flowing because of the eye-catching appetizers and cocktail section.

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