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35+ Charming Fall Outfits With Mini Skirt

Are you ready to take your wardrobe to the next level? There are so many unique and risky trends available within the women’s fashion industry today and even if you choose only one of them to utilize you will find yourself revitalized for the season. The mini skirt is by far one of the hottest new trends available today and of course it is one that has caused a bit of controversy as well. Not all women are willing to show this much skin, but there are ways to make the mini skirt work for you and we are here to help! Within this article we are going to discuss sparkly and sequence miniskirts specifically and how you can wear them to create an effortlessly chic style.

Sparkly miniskirts are not only found in black, you can find eye catching skirts for women in gold, red, eggplant, silver and more. Sequence and sparkles are a hot trend throughout women’s fashion, not only within miniskirts so your color options are quickly beginning to grow. Now that you know this, you can see just how versatile a skirt like this can be. Although you may not think a sparkling skirt can be casual, it really depends on the fashion top you choose to pair it with. If you take this mini skirt and pair it with a burned out Henley top you have taken a seemingly glamorous skirt and turned it into an outfit that can be worn during the day and most importantly you are looking fabulous!

There is some variation in terms of length when we talk about miniskirts. The most common length is about 5-6 inches above the knee but there are also micro mini skirts and these skirts are even shorter in length. Elan clothing offers miniskirts at this traditional length as many people find the micro length to be too revealing for everyday wear. Once you try on your first mini skirt you may be surprised at just how comfortable they can be. There is a lot of misconception about this style but it only takes on try in order to learn for yourself how you really feel about the length. Millions of women everywhere, of all ages, are taking to this trend because of its simple style and amazing versatility.

We can’t end this article without saying that the sparkly mini skirt can quickly and easily be transformed from day to night wear. As mentioned above, a great Henley t-shirt and this skirt can be worn as casual wear during the day but this same skirt can be paired with a sexy asymmetrical top for evening wear. The shoes and accessories can quickly be changed as well to match the new style but the point here is the fashion top that is chosen. Asymmetrical tops are extremely hot this year and they often fall off of one shoulder creating an elegant yet sexy look, appropriate for any evening activity.

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