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33+ Classic Wedding Updos For Your Special Day

As a bride-to-be, you have a lot of decisions to make, including what updo you want for your wedding day. Bridal updos should look elegant, sleek and have the ability to last all day.

The perfect wedding updos are easy to accessorize, can match any wedding’s theme, and look great in photographs. The following are popular wedding updos that will never go out of style.

French Twist
Perfect for medium to long hair, a French twist updo is a classic look in which your tresses are elegantly placed into a dazzling twist at the back of the head. This bridal updo is easy to accessorize with fancy hair pins and flowers, and it looks great with a tiara.

Classic Bun
The bun has never gone out of style, and that’s not about to change. Great for hair that’s long or medium-length, a bun is versatile and easy to accessorize. Buns can be adorned with decorative hair pins secured under the bun, fresh or silk flowers, or a tiara or veil that sits high or low on the head. This timeless bridal updo always looks great in wedding photos.

Updo with Structured Curls
For a 2010 wedding updo that doesn’t involve a lot of fuss, an updo with structured curls looks beautiful plain or with a few hair adornments. To create this look, long to medium-length hair is pulled back into a ponytail and the excess hair is curled with a large curling iron.

The curls are then pinned and strategically placed for a look that has volume and control. This bridal updo goes well with a tiara or a traditional veil that’s either placed at the top of the updo or cascades from the bottom of it.

Side Updo
A side updo is the perfect choice for brides who want to wear their hair up but don’t want to bother with a veil. This updo is a variation on the French twist, except the twist sits lower on the head and off-center. Side updos are typically adorned with decorative hairpins, several small flowers, or one large flower tucked into the twist.

A traditional chignon was typically arranged to form a figure eight in a bride’s hair. Chignons, however, have been updated to no longer sit only the crown of a bride’s head; they can be worn high on the head or at the nape, or they can have a layered look.

Crown of Braids
Braids have made a comeback updos. Brides can achieve a natural, creative look by parting their hair on the side and dividing it into two one-inch sections near the face. Each section is then French braided down and around the head to form a band and secured with an elastic band.

The hair that remains loose is pulled into a sleek or loose bun, resulting in a romantic wedding updo. The ends of the braids are then wrapped around the bun and discretely pinned into it.

Sophisticated Ponytail
Ponytails are a hot 2010 updo. Brides can create a sleek look by pulling their hair up into a ponytail and covering the elastic band with a decorative rounded barrette.

They can also wrap a section of their own hair around the elastic band, securing the end of the strand with bobby pins on the underside of the ponytail. For a variation on this look, secure the loose hairs at the end of a ponytail with an elastic band, and pin it to the base of where the updo begins to create a tuck.

Don’t Forget the Front of Your Head
While wedding updos are concentrated at the back of your head, how the front looks matters just as much. The front of the hair can be pulled back, parted in the middle of the head or at the side, or those with short bangs can leave them straight down.

Those choosing to do a side part can have a straight sweep, textured sweep or one that is swept at angle for a softer look. No matter how you choose to do the front of your hair, make sure it frames your face well and complements your bridal updo.

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