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28+ Fancy Fall Outfits Ideas To Stand Out From The Crowd

When most people think of fancy dress, they imagine big costume parties, full of people having a mighty good time without a care in the world. Many people think of Christmas and New Year, and all the festivities that are included. Some even remember the good times they had as a child trick or treating at Halloween, dressing up as witches, vampires and ghosts. The simple fact remains that dressing up in costumes is a great tradition and boils down to having a whole lot of fun!

In Britain, fancy dress was borne out of the masked costume parties of the 18th century, where high society types would get together and have a good time in their country mansions. However it was the ever innovative Victorians that really brought out the real meaning of fancy dress at their parties, with many individuals dressed in fancy costumes as characters from whimsical stories and in traditional costumes from across the empire.

Nowadays, dress up is like second nature when it comes to celebrating special times of the year. Halloween is undoubtedly the highlight of the year when it comes to costumes, and is an industry within itself. Millions of dollars are made selling fancy dress costumes, accessories, wigs and many other items. People have so much fun at Halloween that it has affectionately become a part of everyday culture. Little kids love to dress as witches, vampires and ghosts; adults are definitely enamoured by any Halloween costumes that are comical or sexy!

Christmas is another great time for costume shopping and partying. Santa is the cultural symbol of Christmas and as such many a Santa suit and Santa hat will be purchased for the festive season. Christmas costume parties are a great deal of fun, with people getting merry with mulled wine and kissing under the mistletoe. A big part of Christmas for children is the school nativity play. This means parents and teachers have a mad dash to organise nativity costumes like an angel costume, animal costumes and even camel costumes. Luckily kids costumes are available for great prices online and in fancy dress shops.

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