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18+ Stunning Fall Outfits You Should Copy Right Now

*Sigh*, fall… when all the thick September issues of fashion magazines come out, when all the designers show their latest and greatest, and when the stores get in all the new lines and accessories…in other words it’s the time of year when I’m broke!

Collections this year ranged from the frivolous to the fabulous, with many key pieces that can enhance anyone’s personal style. It has been a particularly good year for fashion with lots of old favorites like wedges, flats and gold metallic sandals being brought new life by great pieces such as skinny jeans, wide trousers, and the mini.

That’s one of the problems this year- there are soooo many great trends that its hard to figure out what to wear and what to pair it with. That’s why I hit the books (well the magazines and websites) and came up with the top five shoe trends this fall, and I even give you ideas of what you can wear with them (now isn’t that nice of me!)

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